Blemishes Be Gone!


After week 2 of using the Rodan & Fields Dermatologists skincare products, I could already tell a difference in my skin. I used the Solutions Tool to determine which of the 4 regimens would be best to start out with and the winner was…(drumroll please)…the Unblemish regimen.

I’ve been told that I have beautiful skin, and who wouldn’t want a compliment like that? But if someone were to whip out a magnifying glass and look closer, they would see a ridiculous amount of blackheads all over my face and small blemishes along my jaw line and cheekbones. I’ve had two or three facials in my lifetime and just about the time I’ve relaxed, I hear the same response: “Hmmm. Next time, you book an hour facial – not just 30 minutes. Your face need a lot of work!”

Up until this point, my strategy consisted of taking a very hot shower to open up the pores on my face, smoothing on Origins Charcoal Face Mask to pull impurities to the surface, and then slapping on Biore strips to get rid of all those blackheads. Those little strips are great and my pores were definitely cleaner. The trouble was – the blackheads always came back. Grrr!

So, now I’m on week 3 of the Unblemish regimen and I’ve noticed that the ever-present blemishes along my jaw line and my cheekbones are virtually gone! The blackheads are still there, but I’m hoping they’re going to disappear soon. I run to the mirror in the morning with the same enthusiasm a child rushes to open presents on Christmas morning. They’re looking for something to be there, I’m hoping something will be gone. If and when those blackheads do disappear, it’ll be pretty obvious. I’ll be bouncing around the blogosphere celebrating like a kid who’s just been given the keys to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

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