Here we go!

So this is my first blog and, as a writer that’s a bit odd. Thousands of blogs out there and my toes have stayed out of the water. Why? I can’t help but think a blog is like a diary and the thought of having part of my soul exposed and floating around the blogosphere is nothing short of mortifying. I know you control what you post, but I’ve always been of the opinion that there are too many books out there that should never have been written and perhaps the same can be said of blogs. If I’m going to say something, I’m not going to tell you that I baked a batch of snickerdoodles or that the neighbor’s cat we lovingly call “Hobo” hasn’t come around in awhile. It has to be something worth saying. And I finally have something to say.

Last week I began a journey – or I should say my face began a journey that could potentially change my life. But before I go any further, please know this is not a blog solely about my face. How ridiculous and self-absorbed is that?! This blog is about faces, your face, my face, the faces of your friends, family and people you come in contact with. It’s about wanting more self-esteem so you don’t hide your face and having enough confidence to put your best face forward. It’s about young faces and old faces and all the faces in between.

A good friend introduced me last fall to Rodan & Fields Dermatologists, a young company of skincare products made from the same doctors that made Proactiv. Apparently, these products are so great that they can rid your face of rosacea, acne, sun damage and – get this – lines and wrinkles! Ladies how much have you spent on anti-aging creams and moisturizers? You can’t flip through a woman’s magazine these days without anti-aging ads popping out at you. I looked at the “before” and “after” pictures and like anyone, wondered if they had been retouched. But they hadn’t. These people had used the R + F products to address their skincare problems and loved them so much, they started selling the products themselves. Hmmmm…..

So I’ve decided to give it a whirl. I just finished week 1 of the Unblemish regimen and I’m about to begin week 2. I’m inviting you to join the journey and see what happens because I know many of you have your own story to tell. And if my story can help someone, then I’ll gladly float around the blogosphere.

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  1. I too am going to “give it a whirl” as Angie said. I am one of her older friends, who had been looking for some help with my wrinkles (or are they “expression marks?”) I discovered that my face was telling a story that included joys (deep dimples,, that became wrinkles,) and sorrows too. I developed the dreaded 11’s between my eyebrows during an especially stressful time…so I needed some real help. For me, the answer has been Redefined regimen by Rodan and Fields. My skin is smoother in texture, no longer “sagging” and the wrinkles have begun to go away. Thank you! to the doctors who have taken on aging and helped many of us learn that we can decide HOW we are going to age.

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