If Alzheimer’s were a thief, I would imprison him permanently.

barred window

If Alzheimer’s were an embezzler, I would exact restitution.


If Alzheimer’s were a dictator, I would overthrow him.


If Alzheimer’s were a mass murderer, I would give him the death penalty.


If Alzheimer’s were a madman, I would confine him to a straight jacket and a rubber room.

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If Alzheimer’s were a slave driver, I would confiscate his tools of torture and scourge him mercilessly.


If Alzheimer’s were a villain, I would destroy him.



But Alzheimer’s is a thief, stealing the memory, words, mobility and dignity of millions. And I am powerless to imprison it.


Alzheimer’s is an embezzler, pirating billions of dollars in personal property and inheritances. And I am powerless to exact restitution.


Alzheimer’s is a dictator, commandeering every thought, mood and movement of a person and impoverishing the final years of their life. And I am powerless to overthrow it.

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Alzheimer’s is a mass murderer, extinguishing the precious lives of grandparents, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, sons, daughters, cousins, friends and coworkers. And I am powerless to sentence it to death.


Alzheimer’s is a madman, driving countless caregivers and family members to depression, nervous breakdowns and early death. And I am powerless to contain its insanity.


Alzheimer’s is a slave driver, ruling harshly over bodies and minds and cruelly oppressing families. And I am powerless to scourge it.


Alzheimer’s is a villain, wreaking havoc on bodies and ravaging hearts. And I am powerless to destroy it.


I may be powerless to obliterate Alzheimer’s. But there is One who is more powerful than this and every wretched disease. He is the Supreme Judge and one day He will completely annihilate the deceiver who brought death and disease into this world. He will throw the deceiver into the fiery lake of burning sulfur for all eternity. He will wipe every tear from our eyes and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain.


We long for that day to come.

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2 thoughts on “If…”

  1. Oh, Angie, I’m so thankful that we have an amazing God who will destroy the demon Alzheimer’s disease. He heals, comforts, and loves us through the journey until the day of complete healing comes.

  2. Yes! You could easily put the disorders in that blank: Aspergers, Bi Polar, manic Depression to name a few. Attack on the neurological function of the brain!
    Difficult to watch our love ones walk this journey!

    Oh! What a day it will be when they are completely free, until then you celebrate the little things!

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